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BG-Pro All-In-One

BG-Pro All-In-One

BG-Pro All-In-One

  • Biogents’ new BG-Pro is a modular trap system for monitoring and control purposes. It was developed to offer the functions of the most widely used monitoring traps (EVS, CDC, and Sentinel trap) in one product while providing Biogents' patented technology, production quality, design expertise, and a comparable price. Apart from these styles, you will be able to create new styles with the modular system and optimize your BG-Pro to your needs – you have many options, and the BG-Pro offers room for your creativity.

     Flexibility through different configurations

    The BG-Pro offers the possibility to assemble different configurations such as EVS, CDC, and BG-Sentinel that can be easily converted into each other. It is therefore perfect for all habitats and can be used to capture all mosquito species:

    Tiger mosquitoes: Used with BG-Mozzibait and placed on the bottom, the trap collects tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti) with excellent catch rates.
    All mosquito species: Used with CO2, it captures all mosquito species.

    An UV light set with 3 LED lights can optionally be mounted.

    Superior catch rates

    First field tests show excellent results: At least as high catch rates as the CDC, the EVS trap, and comparable catch rates to the original BG‐Sentinel trap. It shows superior catch rates with Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti, Culex spp., Culiseta melanura, and other.
    Download the study here Degener et al. 2021 BG-Pro >
    Download here a short summary of the field test results >

    Biogents performance: Biogents' patented technology, production quality, and design expertise

    The trap is charachterized by excellent features such as

    • low energy consumption and variable power sources (the trap can run on 5 or 6 V and with battery, power supply, or power bank)
    • sturdy quality parts such as a 3-blade high-quality fan
    • a catch bag located above the fan; therefore, the mosquitoes are less damaged and easier to identify
    • an automatic shutter preventing the captured mosquitoes from escaping in case power fails
    • a dual-use package: the easy to transport carrying bag has a dual purpose and can also be used as the dry ice container.


    The BG-Mozzibait must be purchased separately. This version can also be upgraded with CO2 for all mosquito species with the BG-Booster CO2. We offer now also an optimized yeast kit for 24-hour CO2 production, the BG-CO2 Generator. Learn more about it >

    Also available for the BG-Pro is a power supply and a Collection Set for Biting Midges to catch them with the BG-Pro.

  • A BG-Pro includes:

    • 1x intake funnel with integrated shutter system
    • 1x funnel net
    • 2x catch bag
    • 1x inner cylinder with upper part
    • 1x lower part with 3-blade ventilator
    • 1x trap body
    • 1x hanger
    • 1x battery cable with connectors
    • 1x power bank cable
    • 1x carrying bag
    • 1x UV light set with 3 LED lights
    • 1x rainshield
    • 1x tripod

    Technical data:
    Weight: 1.2kg
    Dimensions: 55cm x 32cm
    BG-Pro ventilator: 5 - 6VDC, 0.23A
    BG-Pro UV light: 5 - 6VDC, 0.25A


  • PDF: Manual BG-Pro >

    PDF: Flyer about the BG-Pro >

    PDF: Flyer about studies with the BG-Pro >

    Videos on Youtube:
    BG-Pro: The All-in-One Trap for Researchers and Professionals (en)
    BG-Pro: la trampa para mosquitos modular para investigadores y profesionales (es)
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    Video on YouTube:  Assembling the BG-Pro - EVS Style >


    Scientific studies with our traps

    Website: More about Biogents' scientific basis and publications (en) >