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BG-Protector - The Trap for Professionals

BG-Protector - The Trap for Professionals

BG-Protector - The Trap for Professionals

  • The BG-Protector – A Robust Mosquito Trap for Permanent Outdoor Use

    Biogents‘ robust BG-Protector mosquito trap was specifically developed for permanent outdoor mosquito control and requires little maintenance. It is an ideal tool for pest control companies to use in the fight against mosquitoes.

    CO2 in combination with a patented human skin odor formulation maximizes the catch rates of the trap for tiger mosquitoes and all other mosquito species.
    The trap fits well to many properties or backyards, can be comfortably maintained, and the catches can be easily monitored.


    • Robust framework
    • Integrated rainshield and CO2 nozzle
    • Easy to maintain and to monitor catches
    • Fits well in a backyard
    • Very effective against tiger mosquitoes and all other mosquito species

    Designed for Professional Use

    • Sturdy housing
    • The sturdy material is robust against weather
    • Integrated rainshield provides protection against rain
    • A handle allows easy transport
    • Can be fixed on the ground
    • Can be easily cleaned

    Functional funnel design:

    • Funnel with shutter which closes when power fails
    • Catch bag is attached on the funnel for easy monitoring

    Attractants – integrated in the design:

    • Easy access to attractants
    • CO2 nozzle is integrated into the trap design

    Low power consumption – low costs:

    • Low costs through low consumption: the fan runs on 6V

  • Biogents Attractants (to purchase separately)

    The trap is used with Biogents attractants, the patented human scent mimic, to increase catch rates for Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti.

    To achieve highest performance, Biogents recommends to use the attractants in conjunction with CO2: The synergistic effect can multiply the catch rates. For this purpose the BG-Protector can also be upgraded with the BG-Booster CO2.

    • 1x BG Protector trap with detachable parts: upper cylinder part with rain shield and attractant holder, lower cylinder part with fan and connected outdoor power supply, funnel, textile cone, robust outer cone
    • 1x outdoor power supply with European plug (incl. 8m DC cable) 5.9V 1000mA
    • 2x mesh catch bag
    • 1x funnel net
    • 1x BG-Mozzibait (effective for upt to two months)

    This version can also be upgraded with CO2 for all mosquito species with the BG-Booster CO2.

    For the US version please contact us at research-webshop@biogents.com

    Technical details:

    Trap dimensions: height 57.5cm, diameter 38.9cm
    Packaging dimensions: 39.2cm x 39.2cm x 38.9cm
    Energy consumption: 2W
    Weight including packaging: 3.4kg
    WEEE weight: 2.7kg

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