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Corona Impacts

Dear Customer,

In the last few days we have received more and more requests whether packages can still be sent to certain countries. According to our information, parcels can be delivered to most of the EU countries. Due to the Corona situation, however, there may unfortunately be delays and also some restrictions in some countries at the moment.

Here is an overview of DHL (our main German parcel delivery service) of the current situation (as of 14.4.2020). The same applies to other parcel delivery services:

Deliveries within Germany:

So far there are no significant restrictions on our services in Germany. Due to the current high volume of parcels, there are sometimes delays in the delivery of shipments. In these cases we ask for your patience.
More information: https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden/kampagnenseiten/coronavirus.html

International deliveries:

On the following page of DHL you will find further down under the item "International letter and parcel shipping" / Europe, the delivery restrictions that apply, for example, to:

France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland:


DHL has the following information and requests for deliveries:

 "Due to the high parcel volume resulting from the Corona situation, the delivery of your shipments may be delayed by several days. DHL is therefore contacting you today with the request

  • to make enquiries about shipment status and transit times at the earliest 5 days after the last scan acquisition.
  • to commission investigations into the whereabouts of a consignment within Germany and within the European Union at the earliest 10 days after the last scan
  • to order investigations into the whereabouts of a consignment outside the European Union no earlier than 19 days after the last scan

DHL's experience shows that most shipments in this period are delivered before the response to a search. If DHL is currently unable to process transit time complaints or shipment status inquiries within the usual time frame, DHL will still make every effort to provide you with feedback on your request as soon as possible.

We ask for your understanding for these delays and thank you for your patience!

 Your Webshop Team